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Dancers Perform A Routine To Shawn Mendes’ ‘In My Blood’ And Get The Singer’s Attention

"I challenged myself to create choreography that was just as honest."

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If Shawn Mendes's music doesn't make you want to get up and dance as it is, then this next video will surely do the trick. Earlier this week, choreographer Kyle Hanagami uploaded a video to his YouTube channel featuring dancers performing to Shawn Mendes' song "In My Blood." The track is one filled with emotion and hard-hitting instrumentals, with lyrics like "Sometimes I feel like giving up / But I just can't / It isn't in my blood" to inspire all of us to keep on going. 


"I love this song because it feels so honest," Hanagami captions the clip on YouTube. "I challenged myself to create choreography that was just as honest and then challenged my students to do the same with their dancing. I love them."

Like his other videos, Hanagami features groups of dancers performing the same choreography, but with each dancer adding their own personality and flair into their moves. Group 1, for example, showcases dancers Anthony Westlake, Ryan Vettel, and Evan DeBenedetto; the final group is a solo performance by dancer Ashley Gonzales. 

The choreography and performances were so stunning, Shawn Mendes himself tweeted in response to the video:

Without further ado, check out Hanagami's full video below:

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