As part of part our mission to provide positive content, A Plus is proud to present Chicken Soup for the Soul Original TV series episodes and video content. These series bring out the best of the human spirit. We love celebrating ordinary people doing the extraordinary, whether that means lending a helping hand, changing the face of parenting, or finding creative ways to finance & live dreams. Whatever you tune into, if it’s here, it’s all good.

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Being Dad

Full episodes on Netflix

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Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes

Watch Episodes Saturday on The CW

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Project Dad

Full Episodes On A Plus

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Vacation Rental Potential

Saturdays, 11AM E.T. on A&E

About Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment is a growing media company building online video on-demand (“VOD”) networks that provide positive and entertaining video content for all screens. We also curate, produce and distribute long- and short-form video content that brings out the best of the human spirit, and distribute the online content of our affiliate, A Plus. We are aggressively growing our business through a combination of organic growth, licensing and distribution arrangements, acquisitions, and strategic relationships. We are also expanding our partnerships with sponsors, television networks and independent producers. Our subsidiary, Screen Media, is a leading global independent television and film distribution company, which owns one of the largest independently owned television and film libraries. We also own Popcornflix®, a popular online advertiser-supported VOD (“AVOD”) network, and four additional AVOD networks that collectively have rights to exhibit thousands of movies and television episodes.


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