I Tried Accomplishing My 2017 New Year's Resolutions In Just One Week

I guess you could say I've been putting this off ...

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If you're the kind of person who makes New Year's resolutions, and then looks back as the year is ending only to realize you accomplished none of your goals, then you're like me ... and a lot of other people, too. Most of us go into the New Year with high hopes, and come out the other side disappointed in ourselves for not having done enough. While it's important to give yourself credit for all the things you have done, it's also good to realize that, no matter what time of year it is — even if it's December — it's never too late to accomplish at least a few of your New Year's resolutions. 

So, with that in mind, and with just one week left in 2017, I set out to try to accomplish five of my New Year's resolutions in whatever capacity I could. Because ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from doing just enough to say I #nailed my goals this year. 

So, without further ado, here's how I did the bare minimum to accomplish five of my New Year's resolutions in record time. (Plus some advice on how you can do the same.)


1. Exercise more.

I know, I know almost no one wants to exercise more, but as the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt once said, "You can do anything for 10 seconds!" That includes exercising.  To accomplish this New Year's resolution, I challenged myself to exercise five more minutes than I normally would on an average day, and you can totally do that, too! Even if that means the grand total that you work out is five minutes, that's still #progress and you should totally celebrate.

2. Eat healthier.

While I definitely wanted to live it up my last week of 2017, I figured I could lighten up a few meals as well, and still have a ton of festive fun. I found it was super easy to switch out a traditionally heavy holiday dessert for something simple, like fresh fruit ... and dipping that fruit in chocolate. Fine, judge me. But, hey, I'm considering this a job well done, and one resolution accomplished. So there. 

Even having one less chip than I usually would at a holiday party, counts as a win in my book. 

3. Learn a new skill or hobby.

Like many women, I've always wanted to learn to do winged eyeliner, but the skill has continued to elude me, probably because I've never taken the time to sit through the many YouTube tutorials explaining how to do it. That is, until this week. 

With liquid eyeliner, a full bottle of micellar water and tons of cotton pads, I spent a good 30 minutes waging an uphill battle to nail this popular beauty trend. The final result was far from perfect, but it did instill confidence that, with enough spare time, I could do it again in the new year. If you already know how to do winged eyeliner, congrats, but I'm sure there's another skill or hobby — even if it's just making a paper airplane —  you can challenge yourself to master over the next seven days. 

4. Spend more time on personal well-being.

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Ever since I tried meditating for a week, it's something I've returned to. But I often use meditation solely as a way to relieve stress and anxiety, rather than an everyday practice. Working on my personal well-being means developing a healthy meditation routine, however, so I decided there's no time like the present to really start that up. Every day, for the past week, I spent just 10 minutes meditating in the morning — a totally manageable practice. I'm also going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one, and consider this an accomplished New Year's resolution. Good job, me. Good job. 

If meditating isn't your thing, you may want to try out a warm, relaxing bubble bath or immerse yourself in a good book/favorite Netflix series to rest up for all the resolution accomplishing you'll definitely do in 2018. 

5. Drink less alcohol.

While I love a good drink, I challenged myself to have one less than I normally would ... leading up to December 31, anyway. Because even just ONE less drink is still "drinking less alcohol in 2017." After all, I'm only human and so are you. So while we should always drink responsibly (especially on a night known for overindulgence), there's no need to deprive yourself of a little champagne. So I didn't cut down on my alcohol intake throughout the year, but at least I did it for one day — and in my book, that's a job well done. 

If my attempts to accomplish all these resolutions — in the teeniest tiniest of ways — in record time has proven anything, it's that "everything in moderation" is truly the motto to live by. Keep it in mind — and body — as you enter in 2018, and you're sure to start the new year as the very best version of yourself (who was already pretty awesome to begin with). 

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