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When An Artist Shared Her ‘Black Panther’ Artwork, Chadwick Boseman Took Notice

"Your pen work is incredible."

There's no better feeling than having someone recognize your hard work — especially if that person is Chadwick Boseman

Recently, artist Krystle Hickman created a hyper-realistic ballpoint pen drawing of Boseman as T'Challa from the film Black Panther. It's a stunning work filled with impeccable details, all while showcasing Hickman's remarkable skills. The artist then shared her work to Twitter, where it went viral.


The drawing made its way to Boseman himself, who shared the drawing to his own Twitter platform with the caption: "Krystle Hickman, your pen work is incredible. Thank you!"

Others shared their praise for Hickman's work, too, including #OscarsSoWhite creator, April Reign.

Hickman also recorded her drawing in a time-lapse video she's since shared to YouTube:

We're so blown away by Hickman's drawing that we couldn't stop there. We took a look through some of her other pen works and collected some of our favorites below:


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