'No One Should Have To Go Through This': Parkland Survivors Respond To News Of YouTube Shooting

"I promise we’re going to fight for you."

When news of an active shooter at a YouTube office in San Bruno, Califonia broke on Twitter, student survivors of the February mass shooting in Parkland, Florida shared their heartbreak and their horror on the platform, as they have many times before. The Parkland shooting occurred fewer than 50 days ago.

The teens, now veterans now at commenting on national tragedies, expressed their solidarity with the YouTube employees and vowed with them,  as the teens did before during the Great Mills High School shooting, the Central Michigan University shooting, and the Huffman High School shooting.

"What people don't understand is that this can happen anywhere," student survivor Adam Alhanti wrote. "And the sad part is, it has happened everywhere. Schools, churches, streets, restaurants, malls, and yes, the workplace. We need to fight against gun violence EVERYWHERE, not just schools."


Per The New York Times, at least 4 people were injured during the YouTube shooting, as well as the shooter, who died from a self-inflicted wound. 

"My heart goes out to those in the YouTube shooting, I'm so sorry, this should have never happened, I promise we're going to fight for you," student Sarah Chadwick tweeted.

Read other responses to news of the shooting from Parkland students below.

Cover image via  littlenySTOCK / Shutterstock.com.


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