This 'Wonder Woman' Fan Cosplayed As Her 'Hero,' But It Wasn't Diana Prince

Not all superheroes wear capes.

If you go to any fan convention, chances are you'll see at least a few people dressed as Wonder Woman — or any number of other popular superheroes. But one fan, named Jessi Chartier, took a different approach to cosplay at the recent Comic & Entertainment Expo in Chicago, by dressing not as her favorite character, but as a filmmaker she admires.


Chartier sported bangs and a casual outfit, all while carrying a clapboard that declared she was Patty Jenkins, director of last summer's blockbuster Wonder Woman movie. "I mean, I love @GalGadot and all, but I cosplayed as MY hero, @PattyJenks," Chartier shared on Twitter, along with photos in which she poses with various Wonder Woman cosplayers.

Like the 8-year-old girl who dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg for "Superhero Day" at her school, Chartier's costume reminds us that our heroes don't have to wear capes, carry swords, or save the world to be worthy of admiration. As Chartier wrote in another tweet, "I'm a huge cheerleader for those behind the camera, and every Wonder Woman was thrilled to see this cosplayed."

The unique costume also earned praise from many on Twitter, including Patty Jenkins herself, who responded, "Well, now you are my hero. Love it!!!" The rest of the Wonder Woman crew apparently enjoyed it as well. "What a compliment!!!" Jenkins added.

Chartier also shared her hope that her costume "starts a cosplay trend of celebrating those behind the camera and the pen." And she's already giving people ideas. One user shared that she's now considering cosplaying as director Ava DuVernay, while another mentioned that he would like to honor "some of my favorite heroes," stunt doubles.

Here's hoping the future brings even more diversity behind the camera so cosplayers will have plenty of heroes to choose from when they plan their next costume.


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