6 Reasons Why Judy Greer's Characters Are The True Window Into Adulthood

"I always wondered why she looked so tired. Now I know."

Over the weekend, Twitter user @svershbow issued an interesting, albeit true, statement: Getting older means identifying with Judy Greer in every rom com.


Her fellow movie buffs were quick to echo the sentiment:

Despite the fact that Greer has appeared in an extensive array of films, the talented actress has only recently begun to receive the social media praise she deserves. She might have made a career out of playing supporting roles, but her characters are often the most realistic and relatable person in any given film on her résumé. As fans enter adulthood, they are finding all the reasons they are becoming more like the actress' characters. 

Not sure you agree? Here are just six reasons why you might identify with Judy Greer's characters more as you get older and wiser. 

1. You’re looking for satisfaction and validation in all the wrong places.

You might not have all your ducks in a row, but you're constantly trying your best (even if your goals are misguided).

2. You’re more concerned about your friend’s happiness than your own.

You have an infinite supply of love and compassion for those around you, which means your happiness isn't always top priority.

3. No matter how hard you try, people just don’t seem to appreciate your help.

You're constantly there to provide advice or a shoulder to cry on, but when things go awry, you still get blamed for all that's wrong with the world.

4. You’re a hot mess — but at least you’re living as you see fit.

OK, so you don't make the best decisions ... But at least you're free to be yourself as you buck with tradition and do as you please.

5. You constantly feel invisible and unappreciated around the office.

No one pays attention to you, except when they need you to handle an assignment they don't want to do. Otherwise, it's almost like you're a ghost.

6. You’re always left to clean up other people’s messes because you’re the responsible one.

You've got a pretty good head on your shoulders, so everyone around you assumes you'll be there to pick up the pieces when they screw up (as they're known to do).

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