‘Walmart Yodeling Boy’ Makes His ‘Ellen’ Debut And Ends Up In Tears For The Best Reason

One step closer to his dream.

Recently, 11-year-old yodeler Mason Ramsey went viral after he performed a cover of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" at his local Walmart in Illinois. 

The attention landed him on The Ellen Show, where Ellen DeGeneres spoke to Ramsey about everything from being a country boy to flying in an airplane, and his dream to perform at the Grand Ole Opry. 


When asked why he always sings at Walmart, Mason responded:

"Because that's the only store we've got," adding that he thinks he's performed there something like 50,000 times. 

Then, DeGeneres talks about what would happen if Ramsey fulfilled his dream of becoming a famous country singer:

"Well, I'm going to save up all that money and I'm going to go to college, and then I'm going to move to Florida, and I'm going to work my way up in a motorhome." 

Afterward, Mason takes to the stage to showcase his talent, once again covering "Lovesick Blues" for the audience. At the end of his performance, DeGeneres has some huge surprises for the yodeler: she's arranged for him to perform at the Grand Ole Opry this weekend and for a major concert performance at his local Walmart, and that Walmart will be gifting him with $15,000  toward his college education. 

Upon hearing the news, Mason wipes away tears from his eyes ... and so do we.

Check it all out below:


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