Random Twitter Users Ask Tracee Ellis Ross For Life Advice, And Her Responses Are Spot-On

"So I say go for it, 'cause you only live once and might as well find out if this person likes you back because if they don't... NEXT."

If you had the opportunity to get advice from Golden Globe-winning actress, Tracee Ellis Ross, what would you ask her? In a hilarious, yet helpful, video from Glamour magazine, Ross sits down to answer random Twitter users' most pressing questions, including everything from how to handle a crush, to how to eat a cupcake properly. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Ross begins by addressing one Twitter user's question: "Does ANYONE know how I can tell a girl I love her without it being awkward."

"Brett, I don't know if there's a non-awkward way, " Ross replies. "It's scary to share your vulnerability, and it's scary to share your heart with somebody. You'll know when the time is right and, my biggest thing is, 'yay' if she loves you back, and if she doesn't love you back, 'yay' anyway. And I'll tell you why: It has nothing to do with you because there is a person, or people or multiple people, that are going to be a good match for your heart. So I say go for it, 'cause you only live once, and might as well find out if this person likes you back because if they don't ... NEXT." 

Ross then moves on to help one person with some fashion advice, telling them it's OK to wear navy and black together (yes!) and, as a matter of fact, it's OK to mix together colors we've been told we shouldn't. 

After answering a few more questions, Ross ends the video by offering some killer friendship advice. One Twitter user named Kalt asks: "Is it OK to leave someone in need of help if you gave them advice that would've prevented the situation that they got themselves in?" 

"Kalt, as friends, our job is to either be the shoulder to lean on, the shoulder to cry on, or the person shimmying their shoulders in celebration. So really, your job is to support your friend. And say, 'I'm so sorry that happened. That's a bummer. Do you want to go get a cup of coffee? And a hug?' "

Watch the video below. 


Cover image via  DFree I Shutterstock


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