'Gene Editing' Might Sound Like A Science Fiction Concept, But It’s Totally Real And Just Became A Lot More Accessible

It’s the best thing since sliced DNA.


Whether you love or hate them, everyone's got something to say about their genes. Though specific to every individual, genes are also an influential element of all organisms. And until now, they've also been uncontrollable. Synthego has developed a technique that makes it easier than ever to eliminate or insert a gene in virtually any organism. 

To perform a "CRISPR gene edit," Synthego has pioneered a high-speed, low-cost technique to produce the necessary, first-rate gene-edit materials, allowing researchers unparalleled access and ability to perform gene edits in their own lab. That means that virtually any skilled individual can use gene editing to protect the environment, contribute to stem cell research, and, according to Paul Dabrowski, Synthego's CEO, ultimately cure cancer. 

While gene editing may be a controversial issue, he believes the revolutionary technology has multiple applications that will benefit countless people. 

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