Tim Cook: DACA 'Is Not An Immigration Issue. It's A Moral Issue.'

"Whoever revoked it should not have done this."

The attempted revocation of DACA has been a hot-button issue across the nation. One industry that has been very vocal in defense of the Obama-era executive order is the tech industry. In fact, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions first announced that the program would be ending, tech leaders came out in force to defend the act and Dreamers. Apple CEO Tim Cook took another opportunity to speak out about DACA while appearing on Recode's "Revolution" special on MSNBC, which aired on April 6. 


When host Chris Hayes asked Cook about the administration's approach to immigration, the CEO didn't hold back. 

"I talked to a lot of folks in our company. The DACA situation is one that I am truthfully, as an American, deeply offended by," Cook said. "The DACA situation is not an immigration issue. It's a moral issue. This is a moral issue ... This is one that goes to the core of who we are as Americans. Who among us would think that it's the right thing to do to kick somebody out of this country when they came here when they were one, two, three years old, that have only known this country as their home, that know no other country as their home."

He had a bit more on his mind concerning the matter, saying flat out that revoking the order "should not have been done." "The Attorney General should not have revoked it. Whoever revoked it should not have done this," he concluded.

Cook has been very vocal about DACA in the past, tweeting that Apple actually employs 250 Dreamers and saying that all those included under the protection of the order "deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values." He's also has called it "the biggest issue of our time."

Watch Cook speak on DACA in Recoded's "Revolution" special below.

(H/T: Recoded)


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