5 Things To Do On The Internet With Friends When You're Feeling Lonely

Have some fun without ever leaving the comfort of your bed!

Even though you crave human connection, sometimes it's simply impossible to drag yourself out of bed to socialize. Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do on the Internet with friends when you're feeling both lonely and lazy simultaneously.

While there are plenty of things to do on the Internet, including opportunities to change the world from the comfort of your keyboard, downtime is also important. We need time to reenergize and reconnect with friends to sustain a healthy lifestyle, even if that means indulging our worst habit: procrastination on the Web

However, if you do happen to get bored and desire minimal brain stimulation, here are five simple things you and your friend can do over the Internet that don't even require FaceTime.


1. Binge repeats of your favorite show or a classic film and heckle the actors and storyline while talking on the phone.

If you're looking for things to do on the Internet besides social media, you can always stream a movie with a friend. Do you remember that scene from When Harry Met Sally when the two title characters are watching Casablanca together as they chat on the phone? Emulate this hilarious duo by choosing your own streamed film or TV show to heckle. Feel free to share theories or observations you've always longed to expose.

2. Play "20 Questions" by thinking of your favorite celebs and forcing them to guess who's on your mind.

If you're not sure how to get started, head to IMDb and peruse the celebrity birthdays for that day to inspire your guessing game. But no cheating! If that becomes tiresome, head over to Akinator and see if your combined prowess can stump the computer instead.

3. Reminisce about your crushes from grade school by seeing what they're up to on social media.

When chatting with an old friend, it's easy to become nostalgic. But whatever happened to that person you were obsessed with in sixth grade, anyway? Thanks to social media, they're probably just a few clicks away! See what they've been up to (and if they've aged as well as you obviously have).

4. Have a contest to find the weirdest products and reviews on Amazon.

There are plenty of crazy products on Amazon, and there are plenty of weird reviews to go along with them. Have a contest with your friend to find the strangest items possible and read the one-star reviews together. Even though it might make reading difficult, you'll love laughing until you cry.

5. Go on an online shopping spree on your BFF's behalf. Then, send each other links to the items you've chosen for one another.

Browse the most ridiculous (or expensive) clothing sites you can find and create an entire outfit for your friend. When you're both done, send each other the links to the given items. It'll allow you to indulge your desire to shop, while also providing a good, hearty laugh.

Cover image via Victoria Heath/Unsplash


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