10 Things All Dads Should Do When Raising Strong, Confident Daughters

She's not just your princess; tell her she can be whatever she wants to be!

Fathers who truly love their daughters are always willing to go the extra mile. In fact, the things dads do for their daughters are often heroic, no matter how subtle or commonplace they might seem.

Fathers and daughters go together like peanut butter and jelly. Daughters look to their fathers for guidance, while fathers look to their daughters as hope for the future. Yet, while the bond might be instinctive, there's no manual for fathers to follow.

Brandon Barash and Tyler Poelle of "The Fathership," however, use their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to demonstrate how every dad should treat his daughter to ensure that she grows up to be the strongest, most independent woman possible. These two single dads constantly lead by example, showing their followers that parents don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.

After all, any guy can claim he's a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.


1. Encourage her to pursue her passions.

Her imagination knows no bounds. Empower her to dream big and try whatever strikes her fancy.

2. Teach her to enjoy every single moment.

Encourage her to live in the moment. She'll grow up to truly appreciate everything she has.

3. Show her it's OK to be silly.

Tell her there's no harm in standing out. She was never born to blend in, anyway.

4. Ease her pain by making everything an adventure.

Conquer fear by focusing on the fun in every situation. She'll quickly learn she's strong enough to tackle anything.

5. Allow her to be crazy and creative as she discovers who she is in this world.

Never hinder her unique personality. Encourage her to pursue her own destiny, even if that means defying the norm.

6. Be her trusted sidekick every step of the way.

Empower her to lead the way, and support her choices. Make sure she knows you'll always be by her side.

7. Help her create warm, loving memories of her childhood every day.

Don't wait for special occasions to make her day something special. Use every little moment to make memories that'll last a lifetime.

8. Prove that gender doesn't dictate what one can or cannot do.

Teach her to defy gender stereotypes by bucking the system yourself. Demonstrate that anyone can do anything they wish if they take the time to learn.

9. Empower her to explore her surroundings so she may one day find her place in this vast world.

Encourage her sense of wonder. Offer her countless opportunities to embrace her imagination so she always approaches life with curiosity and amazement.

10. Let her know you'll always protect her, no matter what.

Make sure she knows you'll always be there to lift her up when she's feeling down. Your love will reinforce the strength and confidence you hope to nurture.

Cover image via The Fathership/Instagram


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