16 Reasons To Rethink Provoking Teachers Who Are Equipped With Poster Board

"Flunk you, mother frackers."

Educators spend their days surrounded by felt-tip pens and poster board, so it's no surprise that the walkout in Oklahoma was filled with teachers with some truly awesome protest signs. Teachers in Oklahoma walked out on April 2 in protest of low pay and continuous cuts to the state's education budget.

Below, we've collected some of the most creative signs designed by the teachers and their supporters. As evidenced by the signs, the educators didn't hold back — and their clever protest slogans may just give Oklahoma's state legislature something to think about.


1. "Stop being wienies and fund education!"

2. "Fund education, you must."

3. "Flunk you, mother frackers."

4. "If this were football, 50th would not be ok."

5. "We are Walken for funding."

6. "Turning our backs on the future is not OK."

7. "Teachers don't get summers off. They just collect their overtime."

8. "Fund our schools vis fossil fuels!"

9. "Oklahoma spends $8,000 per student and $16,500 per inmate!"

10. "Don't let education become extinct!"

11. "Teaching should not be a debt sentence."

12. "Some cuts never heal. No funds, no future."

13. "Where's The Funding?"

13. "Don't let the song fool you. We're not doing fine."

14. "The most important anchor chart I've made all year."

16. "Teachers made your job POSSIBLE."

Cover image via Paul Brady Photography / Shutterstock.


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