Homeless Man In Spain Can't Believe His Eyes After Life-Changing Makeover

The down-on-his-luck electrician can hardly recognize himself once they finish.


"El Espíritu de la plaza," (The Spirit of the Square), a short film by Dr. Feelgood Audiovisual Studio, is opening eyes around the world to the power of people helping people and personal transformation. 

The film follows Jose Antonio, a homeless electrician who lost his job after a work accident and then became depressed, eventually losing his home. He survives by parking cars for people who dine at the cafes and restaurants around a busy city square in Mallorca.

"I am happy with who I am because I love who I am," Jose Antonio says at one point. "But I can't be happy with my life."

That's when La Salvajería, a local salon in Palma de Mallorca celebrating their third anniversary, decided to step in to try to help the man out. Antena3.com reports that the salon wanted to usher in their fourth year of business by using their combined talents to do something altruistic.

In a statement reported by Diario de Mallorca, the producer called the film "one of those projects that mark you, that fill you, both personally and professionally." 

To see the difference in Antonio's demeanor after the makeover is truly amazing and, we hope, will inspire others to use their talents – whatever they may be – to try to help others by lifting them up, wherever and whenever possible.

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