She Made A Giant Sign Calling Out A Bike Thief — And Was Moved By The Response

"To the person who stole my bike, I hope you need it more than me."

Cue the feel-good vibes. This story will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Amanda Needham is a hard-working Brooklynite who biked to her job until the day her wheels were stolen, as she noted in an op-ed written for The Washington Post. Upset and bikeless, Needham took action by displaying a huge cardboard note with big yellow letters in front of her apartment building addressed to the thief, which read: "To the person who stole my bike, I hope you need it more than me. It was $200 used and I need it to get to work. I can't afford another one. Next time, steal a hipsters Peuget. Or not steal! P.S. Bring it back!"


While her bike was never returned, something else appeared at her doorstep. According to HelloGiggles, two men visited her and gave her a blue mountain bike designed for a teen, which unfortunately was too small for Needham.

But, as Needham wrote in her Washington Post op-ed, "it wasn't about the bicycle, it was about their desire to help. I accepted, touched by the humanity of the gesture."

One of her neighbors, Steven S. Powers, posted a photo of the hard-to-miss note on Instagram. His post then got the attention of British antique dealer, Robert Young, who expressed interest in buying the sign because it was more than just words on a piece of cardboard. To him, it was art. For $200, Powers and Young bought Needham's sign.

The feel-good vibes continued when Needham brought the donated bike or as it's now called, #KarmaCycle, to a local shop called Court Cycles. It will be given to a kid in need.

One IG'er commented on the shop's photo of the bike, "Thanks for restoring my faith in the inherent goodness of people!"

Cover image via connel / Shutterstock.


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