This Cop Arrived At A Burning Home Before The Firefighters Did. So He Opened Up His Arms.

Four young children were trapped in the apartment above.

Three children were saved from an apartment fire in Texas by San Antonio police officer Tim Bowen today.

According to KSAT, Officer Bowen arrived at the scene before the firefighters and heard the screams of children coming from the second floor. Four children, aged 4, 7, 8, and 9, were trapped in a burning apartment.


Bowen called out for the children to jump into his arms. All but the youngest — who became too panicked and hid, but was rescued shortly after by firefighters — jumped from the apartment into the safety of Officer Bowen's embrace.

"I was just hoping they would come to me," Bowen told KSAT. "They didn't want to at first but I talked to them and talked to them and finally they started coming." 

Jakim Cunningham, the mother of two of the children, expressed her gratitude and relief for the kids' safety. "Everything else is material," she told KSAT. "As long as we're living, I'm blessed for that."



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