The #PuberMe Challenge Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Celebs' Awkward Teen Years For A Good Cause

"That time is so awkward [and] I think there’s catharsis in sort of showing who we were and what we became."

This may just be our favorite fundraising challenge yet, and that's saying something. Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll came up with a genius idea to raise money for Puerto Rico after the island nation — which, by the way, is part of the U.S. — was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, and it involves celebrities sharing personal photos from when they were going through puberty.


The reason for honing in on this specific — and often traumatic — time in a person's life is because Kroll is promoting his new animated Netflix show, Big Mouth, on which he and childhood best friend Andrew Goldberg tackle that exact issue.

"That time is so awkward [and] I think there's catharsis in sort of showing who we were and what we became," Kroll began during Wednesday night's episode, with Colbert seemingly beating him to the punch to encourage other celebrities to join in. But, to take it to the next level, he announced that it would be an opportunity to help those in need — with celebs such as Jennifer Lopez making a massive donation and Pitbull lending a private plane to cancer patients.

Then, during Thursday night's episode, Colbert went into further detail to explain that for each celebrity who shares a photo of them around the age of 13 with hashtags #PuberMe and #PuertoRicoRelief will result in a donation of $1,000 from the AmeriCone Dream Ice Cream Fund — inspired by Colbert's Ben & Jerry's flavor — with Kroll, who is trolling everyone on Twitter, promising to match as well. Money raised will go to One America Appeal, a charity founded by all five living former presidents.

Here are some of our favorite entries into the social media challenge so far:

Nick Kroll

Stephen Colbert

Gina Rodriguez

Jimmy Kimmel

Aidy Bryant

Conan O'Brien

Rachel Bloom

Billy Eichner (Bonus: Fred Armisen)

Sarah Silverman

Andrew Rannells

Lena Dunham

Kumail Nanjiani

Amy Sedaris

Ben Splatt

Alison Brie

James Corden

Emmy Rossum

Patton Oswalt

Kristin Chenoweth

Ryan Seacrest

America Ferrera

Josh Gad

Andy Cohen

Margaret Cho

Lin-Manuel Miranda


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