Prince Harry Leaves A Thought-Provoking Comment On Instagram About Illegal Poaching

Something that needs to be stopped.

Poaching animals in Africa is a major problem.


In fact, "30,000 elephants were slaughtered last year," as Prince Harry sadly points out in his Instagram photo with a sedated elephant.

The reason these animals, along with rhinos, are murdered in the thousands is simply because of their tusks and horns.

Seeing the dead carcasses strewn across Africa with their horns and tusks missing is not only sickening, but a "a pointless waste of beauty," as the prince stated. 

In today's illegal markets, tusks carry a price tag of about "$63,000, once it is carved in to various items," states.

Due to corruption and the amount of money a poacher can make, it's a difficult trade to halt.

The rangers protecting these animals are fighting an uphill battle. In October, three rangers and an army officer were killed in the DRC by poachers after they tracked an elephant's transmitter to a poacher camp, according to The Independent

One method rangers are using to protect these animals is called "de-horning," which requires the removal of an animals horns so there is no reason for a poacher to kill them.

 "African elephants could be extinct over the next decade," if poaching continues, according to the UN.

Hopefully, governments will crack down further, instituting harsher policies to stop the killing.


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