Pink Forgot The Words To Her Own Song During A Concert, Because Nobody's Perfect

She had the best reaction.

Pink may have a killer voice and awe-inspiring acrobatic skills, but even she messes up every once in a while. On Wednesday night, the singer forgot the lyrics to the second verse of her song "Who Knew" during a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

According to People, Pink reacted by laughing and telling the crowd, "I forgot the words. S—!" But she proved what a pro she is by soldiering into the chorus. 


This isn't the first time Pink's own lyrics have slipped her mind. Fans on Twitter suggested that it happens frequently in concert, and there's even a funny YouTube compilation of various examples. But they don't hold her mistakes against her, with one fan saying that "each tour keeps getting better," and another asking, "Isn't that why we love her tho?"

Pink has previously been up front with her fans when she wasn't at 100 percent. She powered through the flu to sing the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl, writing on Instagram, "I promise I will do my best, as I always do." 

Later, as People points out, she had to cancel her Detroit and Montreal concerts, also due to the flu. "I want to give you all the full show and not be hacking all the way through it and have to cut songs because of my voice," she shared on Twitter, adding, "I understand how much trouble you go to to be at my shows, what it all entails, the planning, the schedules, etc."

She's also not the first pop star to show her human side while singing. In 2016, Adele had a similar reaction as Pink when she mixed up the lyrics to her song "Million Years Ago" in concert, saying, "Shit! Wrong words! Shit, shit, shit."

Then last year, Kelly Clarkson shared a hilarious Twitter video of herself hitting the wrong note in the recording studio and falling onto the floor laughing over it. As ballet dancer Misty Copeland recently said after receiving criticism for a performance, "I will forever be a work in progress and will never stop learning."

We can view all of these incredibly talented women as a reminder that nobody's perfect. Or we can take a cue from one of Pink's other songs on the very subject: "Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever ever feel / Like you're less than fuckin' perfect" — even when we forget the words.


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