8 Reasons Why People Who Wear Glasses Are Undeniably Hotter

Science supports what we already knew.

As any bespectacled individual can tell you, wearing eyeglasses is really hot. This isn't just the opinion of an extremely bias author, there is actual evidence to support it. In 2011, the Swiss Journal of Psychology published a study that found — scientifically — that people who wear glasses are viewed as more attractive and more likable. 

So what's so great about wearing glasses? Let's break it down:


1. They make you look really brainy.

People who spend most of their time with their nose in a book have higher instances of myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness. This correlation has not gone unnoticed, and people who wear glasses are more likely to be perceived as intelligent.

2. They make a statement.

First impressions are everything, and a sick pair of spectacles are sure to make you stand out. Whether bold plastic frames or going frameless is more your style, you'll make a strong impression.

3. You can keep up with trends in a big way.

Like everything else, trends in glasses are changing all the time. With a simple swap of the frames, you can keep up to date in an instant and look fashion forward.

4. They balance out your face.

Scientists have long known that symmetrical faces are viewed as more attractive, and glasses help give the illusion of a more well-balanced face.

5. They give you an aire of mystery.

Thanks to Clark Kent, people with glasses have a little bit of mystery. You may be hiding some amazing secret that everyone will be dying to figure out. People will find you intriguing, which is always an attractive feature.

6. They accentuate your eyes (and eye makeup).

When you wear glasses, you are literally encircling one of the most powerful features on your body. This commands the attention of those around you, drawing them into your stunning peepers.

7. They make you seem confident.

Because people with glasses are more likely to seem well-studied, people will assume that opinions you have and decisions you make will be regarded with more clout. As such, you'll come off as more confident, which is connected to being more successful.

8. They make you seem friendly.

When you have glasses on your face, you're typically one to avoid confrontations. You wouldn't want your lenses to get scratched — or worse, have your frames broken — so physical altercations pretty much need to be avoided at all costs. As such, you come off as much friendlier, which is important for succeeding in business and in life.

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