People Explain Their Teen Years In 3 Words And A Gif

So. Many. Mistakes.

Your teen years can be a strange, yet wonderful, time. They're full of awkward moments of growing pains and learning things the hard way. Thinking back on those years can bring about some cringey memories — everything from your wardrobe, to your angsty mood swings, to those crazy mistakes you somehow don't regret. They were some bittersweet years for sure.

Thankfully you've come a long way. Who you were at 16 is probably a completely different person from who you are today. If you were a teen during the MySpace era, for example, you may remember that weird scene haircut you were rocking. (Please forgive yourself.) Or maybe you were really shy and quiet — a huge contrast from the confident and witty superstar that you are today. 

We can all look back and laugh at our younger selves, and be thankful for who we used to be. After all, it's the only reason we are who we are today. 


If you had to, how would you describe your teenage self? Over on Twitter, people are summing up their teenage years in three words and a gif— because that's how we express ourselves in 2018. Read on for some of our favorite tweets. 

1. So. Many. Mistakes.

2. Different priorities back then.

3. This was easier than Tinder, tbh.

4. Before being an introvert was cool.

5. What curfew?

6. When you realized your destiny.

7. Also: #AdultMe3WordsAndAGif

8. You were so ~different~.

9. It's actually a miracle you're still here.

10. Before the DM.

11. Your style choices were just before its time.

12. Monday mornings still feel the same.

13. Totally.

14. Love seemed to be a bit more romantic.

15. Before the glow-up.

16. When you thought this was the real you.

17. The years when you learned the facts of life.

18. Your old responsibilities.

19. If only you really knew.

Cover image via ian dooley on Unsplash


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