11 People Share The Things They Really Wish They Knew Their Last Year Of College

"You are still really, really young in the grand scheme of things."

The last year of college can be both an exciting and stressful time. As you work toward the end of one milestone, you're planning for the next. You're bound to make some mistakes along the way, but there's plenty of people who have been there before who can offer you some advice. 

A recent Reddit thread might be a good place to start. Earlier today, user Juliebede asked, "What is something you wish you knew in your last year of college?" and received more than 130 responses and counting.


People revealed that they'd wish they'd changed their priorities and taken different steps. Some realized that making new friends and maintaining relationships with old ones takes much more effort than they imagined back then. Others wished they focused more on getting real work experience in their career fields instead of solely focusing on school work. Their tips are good ones for current college kids to keep in mind so they can forge their own paths to the best of their ability. 

Below are some of the best responses so far. 

1. "It's OK to enjoy your last year of college."

2. "You are still really, really young in the grand scheme of things."

3. "How important internships and work experience are."

4. "Stop spending money."

5. "If you want to get into grad school, you better start getting to know more of the professors in your major."

6. "Finding a job is 10 percent applying, 90 percent networking."

7. "Pick up hobbies."

8. "Just because you can put it on a credit card doesn't mean you should."

9. "You are going to lose a lot of those friends if you don't make a serious effort to keep them in your life."

10. "It's absolutely OK to not know what you want to do, and it's even more OK to consider careers outside of your degree."

11. "Make yourself proud, aim higher, excel, and things will eventually fall into place."

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