11 People Share The Most Amazing Jobs They've Ever Had, And Some Of Their Answers May Surprise You

“It's all about who you work with sometimes.”

Everyone knows it's hard to come by amazing jobs. That's mostly because good jobs aren't just about the salary, but also the work experience as a whole. What makes a great job is the team, the work, and the impact. When job searching, many people consider their work happiness before applying for jobs, interviewing, and accepting job offers

Some of the most fun jobs in the world don't necessarily have to be exciting, they just have to be enjoyable. The best jobs are the ones that fuel your passion. Teachers, though notoriously underpaid, can have the most gratifying careers because they are able to change the world, one student at a time. Unconventional jobs, like food tasting, are probably the most amazing jobs to have for obvious reasons. Same goes for jobs like writing, coding, photography, and others that allow freedom to work remotely, and/or the opportunity to travel for work.

Having a satisfying career means doing what you love. Sure having financial stability is incredibly important, but there are way too many stories of high-paid executives quitting their jobs in favor of happiness for us to believe money is the only important factor. Furthermore, an amazing career or job can only be defined by your standards. It is possible to have an amazing job without college education, VIP connections, or a fancy title. You may love your job because you get to work with your hands, or you get the opportunity to work independently or with a team, or maybe it's the perks of getting cool freebies,  or the chance to connect with strangers, or the freedom to brainstorm and create, or anything that your heart desires. 

On Reddit, one user asked people to share the best job they ever had and the answers may surprise you. Read on to discover some of the most unlikely, yet satisfying, jobs people will never forget. 













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