Strangers Are Loaning Their Old Prom Dresses To Teens In Need

They hope to alleviate some of the cost of prom while still allowing girls to wear the dress of their dreams.

For many students, prom is one of the last times they'll get to spend quality time with their classmates before heading off to the next phase of their life. Prom is supposed to be exciting and fun, but for some families, it can be a difficult expense. Prom dresses aren't exactly cheap, nor is getting the shoes, makeup, and hair to match.Plus there's the cost of the tickets, flowers, and rides to the dance. In fact, Yahoo released a Prom Across America survey last year which revealed that teens are spending an average of more than $600 on prom. 


With prom season around the corner, a  teen named Mika Riddick thought back to the dress she wore to her senior dance. The 19-year-old from Glen Burnie, Maryland realized that someone may be interested in borrowing it for their prom, alleviating some of the financial burden. So, she took to Twitter to find out

"I'm willing to let a girl in *need* use my prom dress," Riddick wrote. "I have shoes for you as well as a makeup artist if you need that as well." She explained that she wouldn't charge them anything, she just wants to help them have a great night. Her only stipulation was that they live close to her neighborhood.

In just one week, Riddick's tweet has been shared more than 13,000 times and has nearly 38,000 likes. One teen saw it and went to Riddick's house with her mom to try on the dress. "Her mother cried and it made me so happy ... not to see her tears, but to relieve her stress," Riddick told BuzzFeed

Thanks to Riddick's tweet many other teens may be just as lucky. It inspired others to tweet about loaning their dresses and shoes in their local areas. Suits and tuxedos were also offered. Even some makeup artists and photographers donated their services to teens in need.  

Riddick's tweet has made many realize they can make a positive impact in someone's life through a small, kind gesture. 

"So many people are inspired to be selfless now in their everyday acts," Riddick told Yahoo Lifestyle. "I want things like this to not be so abnormal."

In addition to individual efforts, there are also organizations that help to dress those in need for special events. One such organization is nonprofit The Believe in Yourself Project which provides underprivileged girls and women with new designer dresses for special school functions and other occasions. The initiative is relatively new, but has already held donation events in Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Washington, DC, and more

Hopefully, these thoughtful acts will help to make prom less stressful for many families across the country. 

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