After Losing Their Daughter In A Car Crash, These Parents Met The Young Woman Her Organ Donation Saved

"I know every day I have here is because of Samantha."

Over a year after personal tragedy struck Angela and Ray Justice when their 20-year-old daughter Samantha died in a car accident, a new chapter of hope and healing has opened for the Virginia couple.

Because Justice was an organ donor, her organs went on to save five lives. One of those lives was Jackie Price, a young woman who lives with cystic fibrosis, a lung disease. She received Justice's lungs the day after her fatal crash — something Angela Justice had hoped for, despite her grief. "I prayed that a young girl would get my daughter's heart and lungs," she said in a video interview with NBC 4


Recently, she learned those prayers had been answered when she received a letter from Price. "Her lungs continue to breathe for me," the letter read. "I know every day I have here is because of Samantha."

And it's because of Samantha that the Justices were finally able to meet Price and hear their late daughter's lungs breathe new life into her. "That's my baby in there," Angela Justice said, listening through a stethoscope Price had brought. "I felt my daughter — something I haven't been able to feel." 

As the video shows, the experience was emotional for both the Justice family and Price, with tears shed all around. "I don't really know how to put into words how appreciative I am," Price said.  

After meeting Justice's parents, Price "felt instantly connected with Angela and the rest of her family," as she later noted in an Instagram post. "Meeting your donor's family gives you an insight to where this new part of you comes from but more importantly, it gives their family the opportunity to see the great gift their loved one left behind," she added. "It gives the tragedy they have gone through meaning. To know a part of their loved one lives on." 

Price also said that she plans to keep in touch with the Justice family and hopes to visit them in Wilmington, Virginia in the near future.

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