People From Around The World Show Off Their Best (And Funniest) Impressions Of Americans

"Totally fetch!"

Have you ever wondered what Americans sound like to people in other countries? With the Winter Olympics currently bringing the world together, differences in language and culture are even more apparent. However, there were no ice skates or snowboards in sight when Condé Nast Traveler brought together 70 people from 70 different countries to give their best impressions of Americans.

If you're an American, many of the responses will probably seem pretty funny to you. It seems that popular movies such as Mean Girls and Clueless have influenced how people around the world imagine everyone in the states, as many of the impressions have a distinct Valley girl feel.


In fact, some of the participants even go so far as quoting these movies, saying things like "As if!" and "Totally fetch!" Other common words and phrases include "dude," "like," and "Oh my God!" There's also apparently a common perception that Americans are especially cheerful, and like to talk about beer and fast food — or quinoa, as a participant from Singapore suggests.

"Where's my peanut butter? You don't have any peanut butter?" demands a woman from Norway in her best American accent, adding, "You use peanut butter with everything."

Although these impressions may seem like caricatures to those of us in the states, it's interesting to learn how other countries hear us. And we have to admit there are grains of truth to it, although we're still waiting for fetch to happen.

Hear all the impressions in the video below:

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