Oil Workers Make Epic Lip Dub Of Toto's 'Africa' While Off The Coast Of ... Africa

The guy with the fish has it all figured out.


Back in 2013, a group of oil workers aboard the Bourbon Peridot — an offshore supply ship then operating off the coast of Equatorial Guinea — began to feel the boredom that comes with being hundreds or thousands of miles from friends and family. At the urging of one of their shipmates, they decided to pay the ultimate homage to the continent whose waters they called home. They created and lip-dubbed the entirety of Toto's 1982 classic "Africa," using the entire ship as a set.

According to Maritime Executive, the project was the brainchild of British remote vehicle pilot Darren Flynn, who later uploaded the video to his YouTube channel

For those of you concerned that the workers were shirking, Flynn assured Maritime Executive that the video was recorded during the crew's time off and took weeks to complete.

(H/T: Wimp.com)


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