The Internet Has Fallen In Love With 'MJ Traffic,' A Nigerian Policeman Who Dances On Duty

"I carry in my heart my people and make them laugh..."

Every morning, this Nigerian policeman jams out... while directing traffic jams.


In Maiduguri, Nigeria, traffic warden Umar Abubakar goes to work with a spring in his step — literally. Known as "MJ Traffic," he jazzes up his job by listening and dancing to Michael Jackson songs. Two of his favorites are "Billy Jean" and "Dangerous."

The latter may be a fitting soundtrack for Maiduguri, the city at the center of the fight against Boko Haram. "I carry in my heart my people and make them laugh," Abubakar told BBC Stories. "And make them to be happy so they are forgetting about the crisis." By brightening the days of everyday citizens one jiving gesture at a time, Abubakar is doing his small part to fulfill his "duty... to change many things in [his] city." 

And with a little help from social media, MJ Traffic has even moonwalked into the hearts of strangers all over the world. 

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