These Are The Promises People Are Making To Themselves For 2018

Cheers to living your best life this coming year.

It's around this time of year we start thinking about our New Year's resolutions. It's been a long 12 months and now is the time to reflect and review. Did you do everything you wanted to this year? What were your best moments? What were your worst? 


While New Year's resolutions are traditionally jotted down in diaries or discussed among friends, in the digital age, people are sometimes a bit more open, using the Internet to tell the world their goals for the coming year. Over on Twitter, users are sounding off their personal promises for 2018, using the trending hashtag #NextYearIPromiseTo

Unlike typical resolutions, which often center on external gains and physical changes, the Twitter "promise" discussion is mostly focused on inner-work. People are promising to become better versions of themselves through self-improvement and changing their behaviors. 

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your outer-self with things like fitness, a better career, or more cashflow. But sometimes those kinds of goals can be overwhelming and hard to manage. It's better to pace yourself and focus on the small steps to eventually meet your greater goal. 

The same can go for inner-self goals. You probably won't become a whole new person by midnight January 1, but you can definitely be more conscious of your actions each day. The wonderful thing about inner-work is that no one can physically see your progress, thus eliminating the pressure of feeling like everyone is watching and waiting for your goal to be fulfilled. Be patient with yourself and do what makes you happy. Think about others and how much you can impact those around you. It's these small moments of consciousness that will not only change your year, but also your life.

We rounded up some of the most positive and inspiring tweets about New Year promises.

1. Give yourself another chance.

2. Be active where it really counts.

3. Do work that you love and respect.

4. Live your truth.

5. Be kind to yourself.

6. Let your voice be heard.

7. Upgrade the inner you.

8. Break the stigma.

9. Focus on love.

10. Be more forgiving.

11. Surround yourself with positive vibes.

12. Prepare for the following year.

Original cover image via  Jorigė Kuzmaitė on Unsplash


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