People Share What Their High School Years Were Like In 5 Words

Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. AWKWARD.

Who we are today has a lot to do with who we were yesterday— and who we were a few (or more) years ago back in high school. Our experiences and the people who've touched our lives — from teachers to classmates to BFFs —  have shaped us more than we realize.  

No matter how cringey, our teenhood includes our most formative years of self-discovery. It's during these years that we have a lot of firsts— first love, first kiss, first heartbreak, first huge mistake. And of course, every milestone can feel like the most important thing in the world when you're a teenager.  You may even look back and laugh at some of the things you were stressing about at 15. 


On the flip side though, besides the raging hormones and the broody teen angst, our  high school years may also be some of our most carefree ones. Think about it: you got to see your friends every day without having that pesky we're-adults-with-jobs-and-crappy-schedules issue getting in the way, you probably didn't have any bills to pay, and you could totally eat all the flaming hot cheese puffs you want without the heartburn. 

Over on Twitter people are taking a trip down memory lane, sharing what their high school years were like using the hashtag #MyHighSchoolYearsIn5Words. Keep scrolling for some serious #TBT flashbacks. 

1. Issue of the week.

2. Pretty much.

3. Memorized the periodic table of elements for nothing.

4. The one lesson apparently no one ever forgets.

5. If high school had majors.

6. The ultimate realization.

7. The lucky ones. SERIOUSLY.

8. Before the glow-up.

9. Before texting.

10. When you realized all those teen movies were a lie.

11. When you were just a hidden gem.

12. Optimistic years for sure.

13. Some enjoyed the ride longer than others.

14. Some things we may never know.

15. It's all in the past anyway.

16. Whenever the classroom had a special guest.

17. Truly.

Cover image via Element5 Digital on Unsplash


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