A Muslim Teen Responded Spectacularly To A Guy Who Felt Sorry She Couldn't Eat Bacon

Bow down.

There's something truly insincere about expressing sympathy for people who willingly preclude themselves from certain foods. As a Muslim, 18-year-old Aleesha is no stranger to people telling her how sorry they feel for her because she doesn't eat pork.


So when she saw someone tweet a picture of a sandwich along with the caption, "Feel sorry for Muslims not being able to eat bacon," she decided to respond.

Aleesha also countered with a brilliant comeback, posting that tweet along with photos of the plethora of food options from Muslim cultures around the world. "I think us Muslims are all good here," she wrote.

"Non-Muslims are always speaking [about] how good it is and that we're missing out. A lot of people that tweeted me said that they hear the point about bacon all the time," Aleesha told BuzzFeed.

Her tweet has since been retweeted more than 20,000 times, and she said that the responses she's gotten have largely been positive. "I have received a little bit of hate such as 'this is the dumbest tweet ever' and 'but non-Muslims can eat both,' but mainly the response has been positive," she said.


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