When A Muslim Man Returned A Wallet He Found, It Turned Into A Teachable Moment For Its Owner

"This is what religion teaches me."

When a Muslim man named Peshraw Ahmed found a stranger's wallet on the road, he easily could've taken its valuable contents and left it at that, but the London fast-food delivery driver for Bare Grillz had a different plan in mind thanks to his Islamic faith.

Ahmed was able to track down the owner of the wallet, which contained credit cards, a driver's license, and about £220 (roughly $281) in cash, thanks to the address printed on the license, and he made a plan to return it fully intact. On June 24, Ahmed filmed himself returning the wallet and shared a video of the interaction on the Bare Grillz Facebook page.

"As a Muslim, we believe this [stealing money] is forbidden," he tells the camera before knocking on the wallet owner's door. "I have to return [the wallet] back to the owner." 

At first, the wallet's owner (whose name we find out is Gavin) was reluctant to open his front door to a stranger, but when he realized Ahmed had something of value to him, he immediately breathed a major sigh of relief. 

"I am a Muslim guy, so you are lucky I got your wallet," Ahmed tells an elated Gavin, who says his entire life savings was in the wallet.

As Gavin praised Ahmed for being "such a good person," Ahmed once again reiterated that his kind action was driven by the teachings of Islam. "This is what religion teaches me," he explains.

According to the Holy Quran, theft is forbidden in Islam and is regarded as the 23rd biggest sin. Those who steal are thought to be "devoid of faith."

"There's nobody else like you in the world," Gavin declares, trying to think of an adequate way to repay Ahmed. "You've just saved my life. You don't know how much we needed that money."

Though Ahmed says he wishes not to be repaid for his act of generosity, he does have a message for Gavin. "Today, people look at Muslims very bad," he says, drawing a distinction between religious extremists such as members of ISIS and those he calls "original" Muslims. 

"The original Muslim and the good Muslim will look for the owner of that wallet, like me," he explains.  

As Gavin sees it, there's a reason his wallet was returned to him in such a fashion, and with all the money still inside. "I will always remember this for the rest of my life," he tells Ahmed. "God wanted me to know something today."

Though some people on Facebook questioned Ahmed's motives, one commenter confirmed Gavin had lost his wallet, and another, who works at Bare Grillz with Ahmed, tells Mashable his co-worker just wanted "to show the better side of Muslims."

Given the recent terrorist attacks carried out in the U.K., Muslims have faced increased scrutiny and violence, like Ahmed mentioned. Earlier this month an assailant drove a van into pedestrians outside a mosque in London's Finsbury Park, killing one and injuring ten, but even then, a nearby Imam protected the attacker.

With Islamophobia on the rise worldwide, here's hoping Ahmed's gesture will have its desired effect and teach others to think twice before judging someone based on faith or religion.

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