They Made Halal-Certified Nail Polish For Muslim Women, Compatible With Their Religion

"The first American beauty collaboration of its kind catered specifically to Muslim women."

The beauty world has become even more inclusive thanks to the recent launch of the ORLY x Muslim Girl Halal-certified nail polishes.


The nail polish brand has teamed up with Muslim Girl, the country's largest online Muslim women's platform, to create a limited-edition line of nail polishes called #HalalPaint that are breathable and Halal-certified. They retail at $49. 

This is very important because, as Refinery29 points out, the majority of nail polish formulas on the market are not suitable for Muslims because they can impact prayer practices. For instance, wudu, a ritual ablution performed prior to praying, requires that water must touch every part of the body. If nail polish is worn, it is believed that this creates a barrier between the hands and water.

ORLY launched a line called Breathable in 2016 which helped maintain the health of nails thanks to its permeable formula, but its collaboration with Muslim Girl is a sign of even more progress. As Muslim Girl says on its website, the Halal Paint collection is "the first American beauty collaboration of its kind catered specifically to Muslim women."

The #HalalPaint collection contains six nail polishes that won't conflict with prayers because they are air and water permeable and they feature 100 percent Halal ingredients. The nail polishes are also enriched with nutrients like vitamin B-5 and vitamin D to help maintain the health of nails.

The Halal nail polish collection is also named after the "Muslim Girl Army" with fun names such as "Wallah Bro Wipeout," "Haram Bae," and "Ig-Noor The Haters."

Check out the video below to find out more:


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