These 4 Muslim Beauty Vloggers Are Using Their Influence To Shatter Stereotypes

"We don't need heroes, ladies, we can be our own heroes."

These four Muslim beauty influencers proudly choose to wear a hijab — and they hope to shatter stereotypes with each and every video they put online for their millions of followers. 

In a video for Elle, Muslim beauty vloggers Dina Tokio, Zukreat Nazar, Manal Chinutay, and Amena Khan discuss how they use their platforms to fight against Islamophobia and change people's perceptions about Muslim women. Many misconceptions about Muslim women surround the idea that they are oppressed and aren't allowed to make decisions for themselves. "We're not oppressed. We decide and we choose to wear the headscarf," Nazar said. 


Tokio explained that she became interested in becoming a content creator once she realized women like her weren't being represented in the media. 

"It annoyed me a bit that I didn't see any representation of Muslim women other than really negative ones, or ones that just weren't like me and my friends were," she said. "I just thought, 'You know what, the only way to talk to people or show people what we're like is to just get on. Get on YouTube, get on social media yourself, and just do it yourself.'" 

Using makeup to change people's minds about Muslims may not seem like a huge step in the fight against Islamophobia, but every move in the right direction is a positive one. 

"Just having the platform and being able to engage with people as a human has the potential to broaden people's minds and understanding about Muslim women, and women in general," Khan said. "We don't need heroes, ladies, we can be our own hero."

You can watch the entire video below.


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