Hundreds Line Up To Donate Blood In Muenster After Fatal Attack

Two are dead and 20 injured after a van was driven into a crowd of people in the city center.

Within hours of an urgent call being posted on social media after an attack in the city center, hundreds of people lined up to donate blood at hospitals around Muenster, Germany Saturday. Earlier that day, a van was driven into a crowd of people sitting outside restaurants in a downtown neighborhood that killed two and injured about 20. As thousands took to the internet to express their support, so many of the city's residents headed to the Muenster University Hospital to donate blood that the facility was forced to suspend its call for donors, the AP reported.

"We thank you for your overwhelming support," the hospital tweeted Saturday.


Justus Ganz, who was waiting in line to donate, told the BBC that he was standing with 200-300 people of all ages. As a resident of Muenster who lives just 2 km (1.24 miles) from where the incident happened, he said he "wanted to help in this situation."

The incident occured Saturday at around 3:30 p.m. local time. Police reported the suspect acted as a lone perpetrator and was a German citizen that, as of publication, has not been found to have been linked to a terrorist organization. The motive behind the attack is still being investigated.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was "deeply shocked by the terrible events in Muenster." 

"Everything conceivable is being done to investigate the crime and to support the victims and their relatives," she said in a statement. "My thanks go to all the responders at the scene."

Cover image via  Jan Schneckenhaus / Shutterstock

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