Here's Why This Photo Is Inspiring Others To Cherish Everyday Moments With Their Families

"I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it."

Getting groceries can be a stressful, and mundane chore we constantly seem to be doing. And picking up those milk and eggs can become even more of a challenge when we take the kids along.

During a recent trip to Aldi, mom-of-four Jess Wolfe was struggling to bag her groceries and keep her kids calm when she was approached by a stranger. Wolfe explains in a Facebook post on the the Love What Matters Facebook page how the lady asked if she had a phone that took photos. She admitted she was slightly annoyed with the question, but responded that she did.

The stranger then asked to take a picture of Wolfe and her kids.

Wolfe complied, and ended up learning a valuable lesson in that moment. The stranger said she knew going grocery shopping with kids is hard, but she wished she had photos of herself doing everyday things with her kids. 

Wolfe wrote, "She doesn't miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet."

The story made the mom consider her time with her kids, and the photo now holds a special place for her. She concluded, "I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it."

Other parents were inspired by Wolfe to share their precious everyday moments on Facebook, too.

"My crew of 4 and I traveling, I know I will cherish these memories even though it's a lot of hard work! #stronglikemom"

"Me taking my crew of 4 under 5 into Kroger!! It's hard work but you said it perfectly, when they grow up I'll cherish these memories!"

"There are days when they drive me nuts, and I think to myself, 'Why the hell did I think having kids was a good idea?' but then moments like that remind me that it's a gift. I am so glad they are happy and healthy and able to drive me crazy."

"I feel an immediate kinship with this sweet lady. Mine are 8,7,5 and 1. Two boys then 2 girls. It's hard, it's crazy, and having strangers let you know that your [sic] doing a good job, or making kind gestures like this can make all the difference in my day."

"I took picture of myself at Aldi in a very similar situation a few years ago. I had a 1-year-old twin on my back and the other in the cart, my 4-year-old wanting to stand between me and the cart to push it 'herself' and as I walked by the mirror in the meat refrigerator, it struck me how impressive we looked. So I snapped a picture. :) I didn't have her with me that day, I'm sure she was at school, but I have another daughter that would have been six at the time. We got all kinds of comments every time we went out. The encouraging ones are the best, of course."

"My oldest finally decided he was ready to hold his baby brother who was born 2 weeks ago ... I always make it a priority to take as many pictures as I can .... I wish I had more of my late husband and I together just being us in everyday life ... I only have a few pictures of him ... so I get pics. My kids may get tired of me taking pics, but one day they'll be grateful for all the wonderful memories they can look back on"

"Four in six years here. I feel for you all! I thank God for the crappy times. The times my 8-year-old tells her grandparents I have said the f word to them. And the times that are wonderful (see picture). Yes those are baby chicks, apparently I didn't think 4 kids were enough, so I added in 10 broilers."

"My 3 as we were loading up the car after shopping at Aldi. I usually don't do much shopping with all 3 and this day my hubby actually came along to help."


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