Model Posts Body-Positive Photo With An Excerpt From Her Old Notebook, And The Message Is Still So On Point

"How come when people say 'wow you look skinny' we say thank you?"

"How come when people say 'wow you look skinny' we say thank you?" reads a year-old excerpt from model Candice Huffine's old notebook. 

Recently, the model took to her Instagram account to post a photo of herself with a passage she'd written a year ago that still resonated with her. In the photo, Huffine rocks athletic wear and sneaks with a crop top and a high pony. 

The caption reads:

"An excerpt from an old notebook I found, written one year ago today and right on time. 'How come when people say 'wow you look skinny' we say thank you? In my experience, the times I've slimmed down the most have been preceded by stress, a break up, lack of self-care, something traumatic. How come people don't ever say 'You look so fit, 'Wow, you are so strong' or 'You run so fast and far now!'?! It's always about size, not ability and sometimes it overjoys us for someone to say we shrunk. Well, I've changed my mindset once and for all. My stomach can jiggle and roll up when I sit for all of eternity, but if I can be healthy and strong and finish this race, then I'm complete ...'


... A year later and I'm in the best shape of my life and look, tummy still has rolls and I feel unstoppable. There's no perfect body. The one you have right now is amazing. Let it lead you to perfect days, finish lines, happy times, and fun. Take in compliments that inspire you, and give ones that empower."

Since posting her photo two days ago, Huffine's post has been liked more than 6,000 times.

"Wow. You made my night so much better," one person comments on Instagram. 

"There is nothing which can motivate like this. Thank you so much," another adds.

We love seeing more and more women speaking out encouraging body positivity and self-love. Hopefully, this only further inspires all women to love their bodies, no matter what their shape or size. 

(H/T: Redbook)


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