This 11-Year-Old Can Conduct A 75-Piece Orchestra, But His Next Feat Will Make History

He's still in primary school.

Being 11 years old for an average kid means you're either in elementary or middle school, you can't see PG-13 movies by yourself, and you're probably watching lots of cartoons. But for one preteen in the United Kingdom, he's about to make history.

Music prodigy Matthew Smith — not to be confused with Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame — is set to conduct a 75-piece orchestra during a concert on April 2, thereby beating the previous record held by a 14-year-old Venezuelan boy.

"At first I was nervous but you just get used to doing it, but the thing is you just have to keep counting the beats," Smith told Sky News.

This big moment will take place at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall and Smith will lead the city's Symphony Orchestra through an 1874 operetta from Johann Strauss titled Die Fledermaus (translation: The Bat). Smith first heard the piece when he was just 7.

Smith — who, according to The London Economic, plays the drums, guitar, piano, viola, and violin — has been rehearsing with the full orchestra once a week for the past few weeks. In preparing for the concert, Smith admits he can now conduct the entire piece from memory.

"He's doing lots of good things and he has a long way to go but the orchestra is very supportive of what he is doing and hopefully come the time of his first concert he will be ready," Derek Williams, Smith's music teacher and mentor said.

Check out the interview with Smith and see this music whiz in action:

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