Rapper Logic Offers To Pay For Fan's Trip To See His Show After Spotting Her Savings Plan

"I’m legit shaking so hard y’all... I don’t believe this..."

Social media has become an excellent tool for artists to connect directly with their fans. Some have used their social platforms to comfort and encourage their followers. Others have used them to offer up a friendly favor.  

On Wednesday, Logic noticed on Twitter that one of his fans had developed a detailed plan to save enough money to see him perform in Missouri. Erin Bonita Heldt, who goes by @captaiinerin96 on the platform, shared a photo of her plan, which includes money for the concert tickets, food, merchandise, and, eventually, a hotel. She and her brother plan to travel more than 300 miles to Maryland Heights, Missouri, to see Logic perform in August.


"I HAVE to see Logic perform again... God I hope I can make this happen..." she wrote on Twitter. "Now the biggest challenge will be to save the $." 

To save enough money, Heldt planned to "pinch pennies" for a few months. "Worth it tho," she wrote. 

After seeing her tweet, Logic decided to help her out. 

"I will pay for your entire trip. Take care of the extras, give you all the free merch you can carry for both you and your brother, and hang out with you so we can take selfies!" he tweeted at her. "I mean... if that's okay with you?"

Heldt was overcome with emotion at his surprising and gracious response. She, of course, said "yes." She tweeted that she was "crying" and "shaking" because she was so overjoyed. 

The gesture is just one of many that shows how much Logic cares about his fans. Before officially releasing his second studio album, he spent 10 days visiting his biggest fans in their homes to play his record for them and provide live commentary. The rapper also titled his the third hit single from his third studio album as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number — "1-800-273-8255" — in order to help those who may be in crisis

And, just earlier this week, Logic had an impromptu meet-and-greet, taking selfies with fans during a flight. "Fans are everywhere," he said in a video recorded on the airplane. "It's amazing."

Cover image via Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock.com


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