IKEA Wants People To Stop Fighting Over Covers And Start 'Sleeping The Swedish Way'

Could two duvets be better than one?

Sleeping next to the one you love is incredible in theory, but the reality can be a lot colder. IKEA thinks it may have a solution for a better night's sleep — people just need to "sleep the Swedish way." Turns out, two duvets may be better than one. 

IKEA UK has released the TOG-ether bundle, which gives each person their own duvet fit to their individual sleeping preferences. And, of course, if your partner is a blanket hog, you won't have to worry about entering the battle of the bed sheets every night with this method. 


"The TOG-ether bundle has been inspired by the Swedish sleep tradition: where two single duvets replace a double, as an established sleeping method known to ensure Swedes win at sleeping when sharing a bed," IKEA press release for the product states. "The individual is able to choose preferred weight and warmth, be as tucked in as needed and not have their duvet stolen. Therefore helping people to sleep better together when bed sharing." 

"TOG," for those wondering if they're missing out on a great pun, refers to the TOG rating system for duvets to indicate how effective the material's thermal insulation is.

"Many of us find that not getting a good night's sleep is becoming a regular occurrence," Carol McSeveny, Textiles Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland said. "Getting enough sleep is of upmost important for us to remain healthy and optimize our well-being." 

According to IKEA's press release, 61 percent of people in the U.K. are feeling fatigued from routinely sleeping badly. Adults in the U.K. are missing out on at least an hour of sleep each night on average because of this. 

"Bed-sharers seem worst off, with 50 percent losing out on the battle of the bedsheets by having covers stolen or being too hot or cold so their partner remains the perfect temperature," the press release states. 

Currently, IKEA's TOG-ether bundles aren't available in the U.S., but the concept certainly has us wondering if we should invest in two twin sized duvet covers for our full sized beds. We'd try pretty much anything to get more quality sleep these days. 


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