More Than 100 Female Lawyers Marched On The Oklahoma State Capitol To Demand Adequate Education Funding

"Most of us are mothers, many of us married to teachers."

They talked the talk and walked the walk — while clad in black — all the way to the state Capitol.

On Friday, Tulsa adoption attorney Becki Murphy's candid Facebook post, which went viral laid out the plan of action.

"I, along with 100 female attorneys, will be coming to see you Monday," Murphy wrote in the post addressed to "Dear Oklahoma Legislator."

"I am asking to meet with you and discuss a resolution to this educational funding nightmare," she continued. "I feel like we can help you, collectively, come up with a resolution.

"And you will do it, or you have my word…. one of the 100 women by my side will file for your seat…. and we will do it for you," Murphy wrote. "I prefer to work with you. It's your choice if you will work with me."


As promised, with Murphy leading the charge, Oklahoma attorneys with Girl Attorney, LLC walked from the Oklahoma Bar Association to the state Capitol on Monday to meet with lawmakers and work to end the teacher walkouts that are now in its second week.

"Most of us are mothers, many of us married to teachers – including myself…," attorney Stacy Acord during one of the meetings, according to local news station News On 6. 

Armed with news releases, talking points and a letter to Gov. Mary Fallin, the attorneys aim to end the school shut down, Acord and the other attorneys present explained.

She added, "The idea was, let's just bring a contingent of women attorneys to the capitol just to show our support for teachers and hopefully, with our negotiating skills as attorneys, maybe we can provide a little insight."

Cover image via Pepperer85 / Shutterstock.


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