How To Tell If Cambridge Analytica Accessed Your Private Data On Facebook

Did you ever click on "This Is Your Digital Life"?

With one simple click, your digital life and the digital lives of your friends could have become vulnerable. Now, there's an easy way to tell if your data was accessed by Cambridge Analytica after you (or a friend) clicked on the personality quiz they created called "This Is Your Digital Life."

There is a new help page on the social media site intended to answer a question that millions are asking: "How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica?"

You could also get the answer by searching for that question in Facebook's help center. Upon visiting the page (which you can click through to at the link above), you'll either be relieved to know that "neither you nor your friends logged into "This Is Your Digital Life" or, alternatively, that you or "a friend of yours did log in."


Facebook's alert for a Facebook user who had a friend who logged into the "This Is Your Digital Life.".

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified today at a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees and faced tough questions on user privacy, foreign meddling on the site and abuse of social media tools.

Despite the mass amount of private data that Cambridge Analytica accessed, Zuckerberg stated that the FTC wasn't notified of the data leak because Facebook "considered it a closed case."

"We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake," Zuckerberg said in his opening statement to the committee. "And it was my mistake. And I'm sorry. I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here. So, now, we have to go through our -- all of our relationship with people and make sure that we're taking a broad enough view of our responsibility. It's not enough to just connect people. We have to make sure that those connections are positive."

The 33-year-old social media mogul is due back to testify again Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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(H/T: The Guardian)


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