Here's How Gay Men's Chorus Of Charlotte Surprised Random Shoppers

This is how kindness spreads.

On Saturday, the Gay Men's Chorus of Charlotte serenaded random shoppers at the SouthPark Mall in North Carolina to inspire people to perform random acts of kindness.

"It's been a bad couple of weeks," John Quillin, the director of the chorus, told PEOPLE"We're just out spreading a little bit of happiness and joy."


The choir reportedly traveled throughout the mall to find people who looked like they needed to be cheered up with a song.

"It made me feel warm," shopper Naomi Chi told PEOPLE. "I kept on smiling. It just made me smile and one smile makes everyone's day better."

The Gay Men's Chorus of Charlotte sung in the mall as part of #KindnessMatters, a social movement organized by Charlotte reporter Michelle Boudin. According to its Facebook page, #KindnessMatters was inspired by a local father who performed 40 random acts of kindness for his 40th birthday.

"I don't know the answer to the craziness that seems to be our world right now, but I do know that small acts of kindness go a long way," Boudin wrote on her Facebook page after filming the choir at the mall. "Every time I was lucky enough to be there to witness or be a part of an 'act,' the recipients were shocked. Almost all said it made their day — it changed the course of their whole day. Think about that!"

A Plus reached out to the Gay Men's Chorus of Charlotte for a comment.


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