Drew Barrymore Gets Nostalgic In A Photo Shoot Recreating Her Childhood Photos

"This day was just so fun!"

For the February 2018 issue of InStyle, cover star Drew Barrymore revisited her childhood as an actress in the '80s for the ultimate throwback photo shoot. In a series of adorable images, the Santa Clarita Diet star recreated several outfits she wore as a kid — in a more grown-up, 21st-century style.

"I like that my mom dressed me like a little 80-year-old woman," Barrymore notes of her childhood style in a video from the shoot. She adds of another photo, "Are you kidding me? That is my daughter Olive's body."

The resulting recreations feature hair barrettes, pink hats, and silly facial expressions, as seen in the photos Barrymore shared on her Instagram account, along with her thoughts on the experience.

"This day was just so fun!!! So I just let go and played. Kind of the way I did when I was a kid," Barrymore wrote in the caption of one photo. "I didn't care about how it looked. I cared about how it felt. If it felt bad, then I knew it was wrong and had to parent myself. If it felt free without harm to others, than I embraced that feeling. If there was scrutiny or judgment... I examined where it was coming from, and then let it go."

The actress added of her life today, "I can honestly say I am a happy adult. I have to fight like a mega warrior for that happiness. But what comes easy? Nothing."

This isn't the first time Barrymore has revisited childhood memories. Last year, she documented the experience of cleaning out an old storage unit and finding several photos and childhood mementos. That included a letter she wrote to a pen pal in 1982, in which she shared, "I am happy with my life just the way I am."

As it turns out, that statement is still true more than 30 years later. The star, who turned 42 this year, added the hashtag #stillfeelthesame. Barrymore echoed that sentiment to InStyle.

"I've grown and changed and evolved throughout the years, but I'm not, in spirit, that different from the kid in the pictures wearing giant poufy dresses," she told the magazine. "I just had a lot of rebellion that had to calm down. But it did."

Watch Barrymore talk through the photo shoot in the video below:

(H/T: E! News)


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