Daughter Asks Social Media To Encourage Her 53-Year-Old Mom To Go Back To College

"My grandfather got his bachelor's and masters when he was in his 80s. It's never too late."

Fifty-three-year-old Trina Dye got the extra push she needed to make an exciting life change thanks to her daughter and thousands of internet strangers. Dye, a single mother of three, had been toying with the idea of going back to school to pursue a PhD in psychology. She told her daughter, Morgan York, 25, that she was nervous she was too old. 

"It didn't seem fair to me that she'd always supported my goals, as well as the goals of my siblings, but didn't know how to feel confident about her own," York told BuzzFeed. "My mom's tireless encouragement of me pursuing my passions is a big part of the reason I believe my dreams are achievable."


So — with permission from her mom — York took to Twitter to see how many people thought her middle-aged mother should still consider pursuing a PhD. "My mom is in her 50s and is worried it's too late for her to get her PhD. RT if you think she should go for it," she wrote. 

In just a few days, York's tweet has been retweeted more than 115,000 times and has over 100,000 likes. But the most encouraging part was the responses from people proving it's never too late to pursue a dream. Tons of people shared their personal stories about going back to school, or the experiences of loved ones who have done it, despite their age. 

Their stories are certainly inspiring to anyone who's worried they're "too old" to make a positive life change. But they're also a reminder for anyone who's standing in their own way of pursuing a dream. Whether you're looking to make a career change, or move to a new city, or do something else exciting, don't let self-consciousness keep you from taking the leap. 

Thanks to her supportive family and kind internet strangers who shared their story, Dye has since submitted her initial PhD application to a local graduate school and is working on a research paper to accompany it. "I am SO inspired by all the comments and by how many of you and your loved ones follow your dreams, no matter what age," she tweeted

Cover image via stock_photo_world / Shutterstock.com 


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