One Part Of This Actor’s Red Carpet Look From The Oscars Is Winning Praise On Social Media

"Fellas, this how we moving in 2018."

For the most part, men's grooming is limited to just a shave and a haircut. And once upon a time, men weren't really considered when it came to cosmetics. But beauty has come a long way and these days, there is a whole market dedicated to men's beauty — and business is booming

As the space continues to diversify, with brands now expanding their reach to underserved consumers, we're seeing a major trend of men dabbling in all types of cosmetics — including makeup. Take Daniel Kaluuya, for example. The Oscar-nominated lead actor in Jordan Peele's Get Out hit the red carpet on Sunday wearing a full face of Fenty Beauty foundation. The makeup brand, headed by Rihanna, shared the beauty details on its Instagram. "Who said men don't use #FENTYBEAUTY?!😏"


Although men have been wearing makeup since before David Bowie, it never really took to mainstream. Fast-forward to 2016, when Cover Girl introduced its first-ever male face, James Charles, and people are now embracing men's beauty products. News of Kaluuya wearing makeup not only challenges the limited perception of masculinity but also normalizes the various ways men can do beauty. 

Of course, Twitter was so here for Kaluuya’s Fenty look.

Kaluuya isn't the only Hollywood man to wear makeup. Believe it or not, you'd be hard-pressed to find any man on camera who isn't wearing makeup. There's this idea that male makeup is dramatic and avant-garde, but it can also be subtle and natural-looking. More representation within the beauty space can help break gender norms and shatter barriers around how people express themselves. 

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)

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