Here's What Dating Trend Is Popular In Your State Right Now

This proves there's someone out there for everyone.

For a relationship to thrive, it's often important for both parties to share fundamental values, whether those be centered on spirituality, family, politics, sexual preferences, money, etc. Common ground on topics such as these can really help people stay together to reach big relationship milestones

But in order for that initial spark to get going, people usually connect by simply talking about their smaller interests — tattoos, cute pets, video games, and the like.   

To help bring potential partners together based on interests big and small, mobile dating app Clover recently launched Mixers, a group chat feature that allows people with specific interests to connect. Culling the data from 1.5 million Mixer users, Clover was able to provide some insight on the kinds of things people are most looking for in each state, and show us what the love landscape is like across the country. 


Overall, the Serious Relationship Mixer is the most popular, but the topics people are interested in vary widely from state to state.

If you're in Iowa, you're probably interested in having someone to discuss your video game passion with, but if you're in Illinois, the chances are likely you'll be looking for a sexy stoner. Meanwhile, if you're in Connecticut, you might be on the hunt for a fitness fanatic. 

Clover's chart also breaks things down by cities, to help people get a really good idea of popular interests in a specific area. For example, people in Las Vegas are interested in piercings and tattoos while those in Los Angeles are concerned with serious relationships.

Take a look at the full chart below to find what's trending in your state:


The stats are fascinating because they give us a breakdown of how dating interests vary from place to place and that love comes in many forms. Coffee, dogs, sports, anime, BDSM and even Netflix are all covered across the states. We also see same-sex relationships, hookups, long-term relationships, and more revealed in the data. 

The data also shows us how our interests align with our neighbors both near and far. For example, if you're a Walking Dead fan based in North Dakota, you might just end up with a perfect partner from New Hampshire. 


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