Son Shares Tender Photo Of His Dad Walking Him To His First Day Of Kindergarten, Then College

"Thank you dad."

With back-to-school season starting up, there are a number of people celebrating their child's first day of school, but other families are celebrating a new chapter as their kids go off to college. For those entering adulthood, comparing those first day photos can be a fun way to commemorate the milestone. 

We recently saw high school senior Brittany Gayler celebrate her last day of school by having her dad walk her to class, just like he did on her first day of Kindergarten. Now, a similar photo by Charles Brockman III is going viral for showing his dad, Charles Brockman II, walking him to school on his first day of Kindergarten, and then on his first day of college.

The Mississippi State freshman's side-by-side photos show the father and son as they walk to school. In the Kindergarten photo, Brockman III barely makes it up to his dad's elbow, and he's carrying his wheeled backpack. In the college move-in day photo, Brockman III is practically the same height as his dad and carrying two bags over his shoulders.

"I just wanted to post that picture to thank my dad for always being there during everything we went through," Brockman III explained to People. "He and my mom are really special to me."

He added that it was a family tradition to take photos with his dad and his mom, Sherry, at the start of every school year. Plus, the track and field competitor has photos of his meets throughout the years.

In response to the tweet, his father said how proud he was of his son. 

(H/T: AOL)

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