Best-Selling Author Proves Why We Should Stop To Check On Others

"I am so glad I came back to check and didn't just assume she was fine."

Celeste Ng, author of best-selling novels Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere, just shared a personal story about helping others in need. On Twitter yesterday, Ng explained she was driving to the gym when she noticed an elderly woman was sitting alone on the sidewalk. It struck her that that was an odd place to sit and that the weather was fairly cold that day in Cambridge, Mass. 

"I told myself she was probably fine, but I also felt uneasy. So I went back," she tweeted. "I drove around the block and came back and asked if she was okay. She told me she had gone for a walk and realized, too late, she couldn't walk that far. She'd sat down to rest and then couldn't stand up on her own again." 


Ng helped the her up and got her into her car so she could drive her back to the senior center where the elderly woman lives. "I am so glad I came back to check, and didn't just assume she was fine," Ng wrote. 

She noted that this is the second time in the past few days she's helped an elderly woman in Cambridge. The experiences taught her an important lesson that she hopes others will take to heart, too. "If you're able, always take a minute and check if someone needs help," she wrote on Twitter. "On further reflection: this is reminding me of the discussion many people had soon after the 2016 election, about not being a bystander when someone needs help. Just asking 'Are you okay?' when something seems wrong is a good place to start." 

Many people have responded to her story to thank her for her act of kindness and for reminding others of the importance of checking on others. 

Hopefully, sharing her story will encourage others to take the time to help those who may be in need.

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